According to the New York fashion week and London fashion week,we found fashional color in this spring and summer tends to be more bright and rich than ever before,PANTONE color research institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman think this is the designer’s response to consumer’s demand.The need for color is becoming more and more and people are willing to try different colors.Now let’s enjoy the most popular color together.


The most cannot be ignored color is regency,which always be described as charming,magic and complicated.

regency evening prom dress



This is a romantic color ,and you will fall in love with it if you try.It will make you look more elegant.

Lilac Prom Dress

3.Light Lavender

A girl with a gentle temperament can pay more attention to this color when you choose a prom dress


lavender Prom Dress


4.Neon Yellow  

This bright and brilliant color can easily make you standing out among the crowd.

Neon Yellow Two Piece Prom Dress


5.Light Yellow OR Daffodil

It conveys positive ,confident and cheerful signals,when you dress up in light yellow ,you will illuminate the world around with the the light of joy.

light yellow daffodil party prom dress



It is closer to orange than red,warm but not flashy which be called a color can not be ignored.There is no doubt that you will catch all people’s attention if you dress up in cherry tomato at the party.

tomato DRESSES


This color is more gentle and warm than cherry tomato,which is low key but confident.

coral prom dress