Dreamy Outdoor Weddings

Some girls are tired of having a traditional wedding in church ,and they want to host the ceremony outside ,here are some wonderful ideas for a fairytale outdoor wedding.

1.Hanging florals and fairy lights will give you a timeless and and romantic feel.String lights in background,sparklers or moonlight will make your wedding photos look incredible!So please make maximun use of the beautiful lights.

outdoor wedding florals and fairy lights2.The stunning candlesticks always make your weddings warm and cozy.

outdoor stunning candlesticks3.The bohemian wedding bouquets are totally chic and romantic.Maybe when you close your eyes and take a deep breath ,you will smell the spring and couldn’t feel more happy.

bohemian outdoor wedding bouquets

4.Girls always want to set a pretty wedding walkway for their coming guests because a nicely designed guest’s walkway can not only serve as a warm direction guidance but also a beautiful sight.Rustic wooden aisle signs made and printed by hand are highly recommended!They can make a beautiful statement for your ceremony,and even be given as gifts after your special day.

outdoor wedding walkway5.Each couple wants the perfect backdrop for their “I do “ moment,so a good wedding backdrop ideas are especially important.This flower pallet wall is lovely and unique as a wedding ceremony backdrop and focal point.

outdoor wedding backdrop

6.Please offer your guests enough juice with sweet taste and alluring color which will make them happy and comfortable.

outdoor wedding guest drinking

7.Lovely desert will make your wedding more fantastic and intimate.

outdoor wedding desert

8.Don’t forget to entertain kids at your wedding.It’s better to have fun than a meltdown,right?Have a “kids’ table” and stock it with lots of sweets,colouring books,crayons and so on.

outdoor wedding kids table